In 1958,

On August 13, the preparatory office of the 613 fujian provincial factory was set up.

In 1959,

In April, the fujian provincial people's commission approved the "June 13 plant design assignment" proposed by the provincial metallurgical department. Determine the factory vision for the annual output of 50 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum, the project will be carried out in two phases. The silicon iron workshop was completed and put into production at the end of this year.

In 1960,

In October, the small aluminum plant started production, output my province's first aluminum ingot.

The first professional congress will be held in December.

In 1961,

On November 613, the plant was listed as a retentive unit, and the total number of workers was determined to be 600.

In 1963,

August public security minister luo ruiqing future factory inspection.

In 1965,

With the support of the ministry of metallurgical industry, China's ministry of second light industry has lent 3 million yuan and utilized internal resources of the plant 3 million yuan. The company has rebuilt the production line of 30,000 amps with self-baked electrolytic cell next to it. The project is carried out in two phases and designed by shenyang aluminum and magnesium design institute.

In 1966,

In February, the provincial ministry of metallurgy agreed to build a 400KVA ferromanganese furnace workshop. In August, the manganese iron workshop was completed and put into production.

In 1969,

In September, 20 electrolytic cells of the first-phase workshop were completed and put into operation. Within the year, annual production of 12,000 tons of aluminum rolling workshop began to prepare.

In 1970,

In may, 20 electrolytic cells of the second plant of electrolytic aluminum phase I were completed and put into operation. At this point, phase I 40 trough completed. In this year, the design and installation of an annual output of 1000 tons of casting aluminum furnace, to fill the province of casting aluminum production blank.

Fuzhou military district deputy commander PI dingjun and provincial party secretary tan qilong visited the factory.

In 1971,

In November, the work of liquidation and verification was carried out, with the total plant assets of RMB 17,734,000 yuan, including the fixed assets of RMB 10,70.39 million yuan.

The subordinate relationship of "fujian province 613 factory" was changed from the former director of the provincial metallurgical industry bureau to the regional director of jianyang and the name of the factory was changed to "fujian province nanping aluminum plant".

In 1972,

April rolling workshop built and started trial rolling. Production began in September, producing 198 tons of aluminum rods.

In 1973,

The second congress will be held in June.

In July, the subordinate relationship was again changed from regional to provincial head of metallurgical bureau.

In 1979,

In April, the metallurgical department set up 2 million yuan, the factory self-funded and loan funds of 2.5 million yuan, and the expansion of 40 sets of 30,000-ampere electrolytic aluminum phase ii project started.

In the year of provincial metallurgical machinery repair plant merged into southern aluminum, new fixed assets 282.95 million, 183 employees. Factories were included in the province's first batch of extended enterprise autonomy pilot units.

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